Who is Pembroek BV ?
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Jobs available:
* Algemeen Analist (MBO)
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* Inkoop Verkoop Logistiek officer (MBO)

Pembroek: pharma, food & feed

Pembroek BV is located centrally in The Netherlands.
Pembroek is an independent, medium-sized company.
Since 1915 Pembroek has developed, manufactured and sold high quality products.


Pembroek is specialist in bulk manufacture and research.
In the pharmaceutical, food and feed areas worldwide.
We develop, manufacture and sell:

  • Herbal extracts
    • Medicinal extracts (pharmacopoeia & specialties)
    • Flavouring extracts (aromatic extracts)
    • Healthcare extracts (functional, nutraceutical)
  • Flavours
    • Natural aromatic extracts
    • Natural flavours, liquid & powder
    • Nature Identical flavours, liquid & powder

Including mixtures and compounded products of the above, like:

  • Syrups
  • Pastilles
  • Creams and ointments
  • Soft capsules

Not limited to any specific herb, flavour or compounded product.


Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice is the cornerstone of our activities.
We are regularly inspected by the Dutch Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.

For more information:

  • call us at ++31 35 58 21355
  • fax us at ++31 35 58 26614

Pharmaceutical licences and registrations

Pembroek holds a number of Dutch pharmaceutical licences and registrations, including:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing licence
  • API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) manufacturing registration

To look these up visit the official governmental EU website EudraGMDP. Look under "MIA" tab and "API REG" tab respectively. For our GMP certificates look under "GMP" tab using Site Reference Number 12191.

For more information:

  • call us at ++31 35 58 21355
  • fax us at ++31 35 58 26614
Pembroek BV - Industrieweg 22 - 1231 KH LOOSDRECHT - The Netherlands - T: +31 35 5821355 - F: +31 35 5826614 - © Pembroek BV 2024

A brief history

In 2024 Pembroek exists 109 years !
A brief history based on some historic facts:

1915: Pembroek starts in Utrecht, central Netherlands. As wine trader, later making wine-based herbal extracts, flavours, syrups and essential oils.

1930: Pembroek discontinues the wine trade. Focus becomes manufacturing herbal extracts, flavours, medicinal syrups.

1961: Pembroek moves to brand new industrial site, in Loosdrecht, near Utrecht. Separate production units. For medicinal products & ingredients. And for flavours.

1961: Pembroek pharmaceutical licence. Advertisement campaigns: pharmacopoeial tinctures & extracts. And about flavours.

1987: Pembroek develops revolutionary compounding of stabilizer-free dairy bases.

1989: Reorganisation and partial rebuilding of Pembroek facilities.

1996: Building of entirely new modern Pembroek warehouse on the same location.

2001: Building of entirely new modern Pembroek factory on the same location.

2015: 100 Years aniversary !

Today Pembroek is a well-run, healthy company, with high-skilled workers. Making reliable quality products. With a reliable reputation in 80+ export countries.

The future ? To consolidate & extend our good worldwide standing. With new developments, creativity, customer-service. Ready for tomorrow. Interested ?

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